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Characterization of the parasitic masking layer formed during GaN SA-MOVPE using PECVD SiO2 masks 2023
Corrosion Resistance of Fe-Cr-Si Alloy Powders Prepared by Mechanical Alloying 2023
Influence of intercalated Gd atoms on graphene-4H-SiC(0001) properties 2023
Influence of the Oxygen Induced Surface Segregation Process of Solutes on the Anti-corrosion Properties of the Fe–Cr and Fe–Cr–Si Alloys 2022
Transport and Electrochemical Properties ofNax Fe1– y Mny O2 -Cathode Materials for Na-Ion batteries. Experimental and Theoretical Studies 2022
Platinum silicide formation on selected semiconductors surfaces via thermal annealing and intercalation 2022
Comprehensive studies of activity of Ni in inorganic sodium borosilicate glasses doped with nickel oxide 2021
Oxygen Adsorption, Subsurface Oxygen Layer Formation and Reaction with Hydrogen on Surfaces of a Pt–Rh Alloy Nanocrystal 2020
Investigation of Surface Segregation in Fe-Cr-Si Alloys by XPS 2020
Characterization of (In,Pb)/Si(111): Tuning normal and lateral atom distributions in mixed metal systems 2020
The role of surfactant in two−components structures formation on Si(111) surface 2020
50 lat Instytutu Fizyki Doświadczalnej Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego 2019
50 lat Instytutu Fizyki Doświadczalnej Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego 1969-2019 2019
An investigation of thin Zn films on 4H-SiC(0001) - graphene 2019
Subsurface Oxygen Formation during H2 Oxidation over Rh, Pt and Pt-Rh Model Nanoparticles 2018
Fizyka dla szkół wyższych 2018
Oxygen Assisted Morphological Changes of Pt Nanosized Crystals. 2018
Corrosion of Polycrystalline Fe-Si Alloys Studied by TMS, CEMS, and XPS 2018
Adsorption and Hydrogenation of CO2 on Rh Nanosized Crystals: Demonstration of the Role of Interfacet Oxygen Spillover and Comparative Studies with O2, N2O, and CO 2017
Fe0.88Cr0.12 and Fe0.85Cr0.15 alloys exposed to air at 870 K studied by TMS, CEMS and XPS 2018
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