About the institute

The institute carries out research in the field of physics and physical chemistry of solid surfaces, dielectric physics, and applications of nuclear spectroscopy methods in condensed matter studies. The Institute educates physics students at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctor degree level.

The research on solid surfaces focuses on the atomic and electronic structure, topography, composition, and interatomic interaction in adsorbed layers and at phase boundaries. The experimental studies of surfaces are carried out mainly in ultrahigh vacuum, with several advanced state-of-the-art research techniques, such as scanning tunneling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, diffractometry with the use of low energy electrons and spectroscopy of photoelectrons induced with X-ray radiation. Theoretical researches based on first principles calculations, molecular dynamics, and statistical methods are concerned with properties of clean and adsorbate covered surfaces of materials, and low-dimensional structures that are formed on surfaces or at phase boundaries.

Reasearch in the field of dielectric physics is connected with ferroic phase transformations and the dielectric, electro-optical and thermal properties of new materials, including those synthesized in the Institute. The equipment in possession enables measurements of dielectric and optical properties in a wide range of frequencies and temperatures.

In nuclear spectroscopy studies, methods based on positron annihilation and the Mössbauer effect are used. Both methods are used to examine thermodynamic, structural and electronic properties of metals and alloys.