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Electrochemical polymerization of pyrrole on Au(111) in sulphuric acid and sodium hexafluoroaluminate solutions monitored by electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy 2017
Phthalocyanine adsorption on Au(110): 1D ordering and adaptive reconstruction 2016
Sulfate structures on copper deposits on Au(111): In situ STM investigations 2016
Deposition of copper and sulfate on Au(111): New insights 2016
Surface relaxation of Pt(111) and Cu/Pt(1 1 1) revealed by DEPES 2016
Ordered growth of Pd clusters on ultrathin epitaxial TiOx films on Pt3Ti(111) 2015
Redox-activity and self-organization of iron-porphyrin monolayers at a copper-electrolyte interface 2015
Potential dependence of self-assembled porphyrin layers on a Cu(111) electrode surface 2015
In situ study of sulfide adsorption on Au(100) in alkaline solution 2015
Combined frequency modulated atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy detection for multi-tip scanning probe microscopy applications 2015
Structural Investigations by Means of Directional Elastic Peak Electron Spectroscopy 2015
Nucleation and Early Stages of Layer-by-Layer Growth of Metal Organic Frameworks on Surfaces 2015
Growth Morphology of Ultrathin Pb Layers on Ni(001) 2014
Deposition of copper multilayers on Au(111) in sulfuric acid solution: An electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy study 2015
Investigation of Pb/Ru(0001) by means of AES and LEED 2015
Molecular self-assembly at metal-electrolyte interfaces. 2014
Unusual demetalation and ordered adsorption of pyridine-appended zinc phthalocyanine at metal-electrolyte interfaces studied by in situ scanning tunneling microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 2014
Chloride Induced Morphology Transformations of the Cu(110) Surface in Dilute HCl 2015
Molecular Ordering at electrified interfaces 2014
Porous macromolecular dihydropyridyl frameworks exhibiting catalytic and halochromic activity 2014
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