Publikacje opublikowane przez Zakład Fizyki Medycznej i Zastosowań Fizyki Jądrowej

Zastosowanie metody spektroskopii anihilacji pozytonów (PAS) do badań bursztynu 2017
Fe0.88Cr0.12 and Fe0.85Cr0.15 alloys exposed to air at 870 K studied by TMS, CEMS and XPS 2018
Thermodynamic properties of dilute Co-Fe solid solutions studied by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy 2017
A Study of Thermodynamic Properties of Dilute Fe–Au Alloys by the 57Fe Mössbauer Spectroscopy 2017
Comparison of the Oxidation Process in Pure Iron and Diluted Fe–Si Alloys: A Transmission Moessbauer Spectroscopy Study 2017
Internal oxidation process in diluted Fe–Cr alloys: a transmission Moessbauer spectroscopy study 2016
Morphology and properties alterations in cavitating and non-cavitating high density polyethylene 2016
An investigation of the corrosion of polycrystalline iron by XPS, TMS and CEMS 2016
A study of thermodynamic properties of dilute Fe-Ru alloys by 57Fe Moessbauer spectroscopy 2016
An Enthalpy of Solution of Silicon in Iron Studied by 57Fe Mössbauer Spectroscopy 2016
Moessbauer study of Fe-Re alloys prepared by mechanical alloying 2016
Physical State of the Amorphous Phase of Polypropylene-Influence on Free Volume and Cavitation Phenomenon 2016
Influence of non-polymeric substances localized in the amorphous phase on selected properties of semicrystalline polymers 2015
Nanostructure of Amber Observed by Positronium Probes 2015
Atomic short-range order in mechanically synthesized iron based Fe-Zn alloys studied by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy 2015
Interactions between osmium atoms dissolved in iron observed by the 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy 2015
Mean hyperfine fields at 57Fe in dilute iron-based alloys studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy 2015
Temperature dependence of the short-range order parameter for Fe0.90Cr0.10 and Fe0.88Cr0.12 alloys 2015
Hyperfine fields at 57Fe in dilute iron-based alloys determined by Mössbauer spectroscopy 2015
NA61/SHINE facility at the CERN SPS: beams and detector system 2014
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